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Tree Fertilization Service for Health and Longevity

Trees in a forest habitat receive natural fertilization as leaves, twigs, and other organic materials decompose. However, trees in a groomed or landscaped setting need special attention. Every tree has unique nutritional needs, based on health, location, soil content, and other factors. Professional fertilization from JB Tree Care & Landscaping provides the right nutrients at the right time for abundant growth and longevity.

Benefits of Professional Fertilization

The ideal times for fertilization are the spring (preparing for growing season and summer) and fall (recovery/replenishment). Benefits of fertilization service include:

  • Support new, flush growth during the spring growing season
  • Helps tree leaves green and stay vibrant throughout summer
  • Provides essential nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) for health and fighting infection
  • Delivers nutrients via injection below turf grass roots where trees need/benefit the most
  • Nitrogen helps promote fine root growth for better water and nutrient uptake
  • Fall fertilization helps recover nutrients lost over summer months

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Keep your trees healthy, vibrant, and protected against insects and diseases with fertilization from JB Tree Care & Landscaping. We’ll complete a thorough analysis of your property and your trees, and then develop a customized fertilization plan utilizing deep root or granule fertilizers.

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