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Lot Clearing & Tree Removal

Whether you need one tree removed or an entire lot cleared, call the tree removal experts at JB Tree Care & Landscaping. Every customer’s tree removal needs are unique, so after our initial consultation, we’ll work with you to develop the best tree removal plan for your situation.

We can work with landscape companies, home builders, developers, and other real estate professionals, as well as municipal or county departments to ensure safe, effective tree removal or lot clearing.


Trees that are damaged or felled during severe weather can create additional safety hazards, especially if they have fallen on homes, vehicles, or near power lines. The storm damage experts at JB Tree Care & Landscaping provide emergency tree removal services for your safety and your peace of mind.


Buckthorn was first brought to Minnesota from Europe in the mid-1800s and was widely used as hedging material. However, its invasive nature soon became apparent. It has not been sold by nurseries since the 1930s, but is still prevalent and can cause many issues, including:

  • Competition with native plants for light, moisture, and nutrients.
  • Degradation of wildlife habitats.
  • Increased erosion.
  • Threat to the growth and future of prairies, wetlands, forests, and other natural habitats.

The state of Minnesota has designated buckthorn as a restricted noxious weed. Removing buckthorn can be a complicated process, targeting specific stages of the plant for prioritized removal. Buckthorn can be removed by different methods, including pulling individual plants, cutting larger buckthorn, and utilizing chemical control. Because buckthorn seeds can germinate in the soil for up to five years, the multi-year removal process requires consistent follow-up.

If you have buckthorn in your yard, call on JB Tree Care & Landscaping for our buckthorn removal services.


The removal of trees and shrubs along lakeshore or river shoreline may require a permit or be subject to DNR restrictions. Contact your local planning and zoning authority for information specific to your property. JB Tree Care & Landscaping can provide lakeshore clearing services to those guidelines and restrictions.

Contact us to learn more about our tree removal and lot clearing services.