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Tree Pruning

Pruning is preventive maintenance for your trees. Trees should be pruned for several reasons, including tree health, appearance, and purpose, as well as to protect people and property from hazards or potential damage. Pruning may include removal of dead, diseased, or weak branches, thinning, crown reduction (to reduce the height of the tree) or crown raising, and shaping. Some trees require cabling or bracing to relieve stress on major limbs.

Pruning or tree trimming is different at each stage of a tree’s life. Count on the certified experts at JB Tree Care & Landscaping to develop the best maintenance plan for your trees. From pruning young trees to promote strong, structured growth to crown reduction for larger, established trees, our tree care services will help maintain a long, healthy life for your trees.

Other pruning services include shrub pruning and hedge pruning.

We also provide emergency services to remove branches or trees downed by severe weather and storms.

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